How does it work?

Readers can read as much as they want, for free. Authors can publish all their books, for free, all this while earning money every time somebody reads one of their books. How is this all possible?

While reading, we show people a small advertisement on one side of their screen, taking but little of their reading space. By showing people these small ads, they help their favorite authors earn a living by doing what they enjoy most - writing.

Moreover, this allows us to give everybody access to all this sea of books, forever, free of charge.

Chapter I
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Why Odeen?

Easy publishing

We believe that authors should spend their time writing, not having to deal with tedious 100-page formatting style guides. We all win if writers spend their time writing. That’s why we created the simplest publishing process ever. Just upload your book as a Word or PDF document and we’ll format it for you. It can really be this simple!

Get discovered

Publishers, the gatekeepers to the mass reader market, are only interested in what they managed to sell before. They publish books that have sold in the past and are not that interested in taking chances with new authors or new types of books. We believe there is an audience for every artwork and that people will read your work if only they are given the chance.

No barriers

Price barriers are, probably, the head culprit in keeping enthusiastic readers from taking a chance with your work. Offering your book for free to anybody who wants to read it takes this resistance away and minimises the initial risk for readers. If everyone can read your book, at any time, for free, we believe that more people will give it a try, leading to an easier and smoother path to finding your perfect audience.

Free Marketing

The easiest way to get someone to read your book is have other people recommend it to them. We offer your enthusiastic readers the chance to support you. They can share snippets and quotes from your book on social media, they can recommend it to their friends and family, create their own personal favorites library and share it with others and create rankings and polls to get your book the attention it deserves.

Get Help

Let your most passionate readers help you perfect your book. With Odeen, readers will be able to suggest corrections directly to you, as they read. If they spot a typo or a editing error, if they feel like there is a plot hole or your book is missing some information, they can effortlessly let you know as they are reading the book. They can send you the exact location on the text along with their comment with the tap of a finger.

Get paid

As much as you love to write, we believe you should get paid to do it. Because getting paid means that you can devote more time to doing what you enjoy. Moreover, it means that you can offer your readers more of what they love. Yes, everybody can read for free, yet you still get paid! 90% of the advertising revenue generated by your books go directly into your pocket.

No Cost

For writing and editing tools, for publishing, for exposure, for marketing, for getting paid, for getting your book out there… for all this, you pay us nothing! Our services are free and will stay free forever. If your book is a success, we also win. We only keep 10% of the revenue generated by your books. To get a perspective on what this means, other self-publishing platforms charge you up to 80% of your book sales.

Keep copyright

Traditional publishers make you cede the copyright to your book to them once they offer you a deal. However, your book is your work. It is made up of your thoughts, your emotions and your imagination. That’s it with Odeen, you keep your copyright.

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